Moms, do you wish you had a simple system to get your preschool child reading independently without stress?

You can with lessons in the I Can Read Membership. This membership give Moms like you the roadmap and support that gets your 3-5 year old child reading independently while having fun.

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Meet A Budding Reader: Harmony

Let me tell you about my lively and lovely 3-year-old niece Harmony. Though she was interested in letters, she had started picking up poor reading habits that in the long run would make learning to read more difficult. Her parents were eager for her to learn how to read but between their schedule and other family duties, they were not sure how to get her going.

I created the I Can Read system with her in mind. Within 6 lessons Harmony was able to master reading her first 3 words independently. What’s best is she calls it ‘playing’ when she asks for her lessons daily because to her it’s ‘the letter game’. There’s no arguing over reading lessons, just fun and learning. Her lessons happen anywhere and anytime! It’s very normal to see her having reading lessons outside. She’s also reading faster and earlier than any of her other siblings.

Reading Mastery Matters

Now to some getting your child to read independently at age 3 may seem like vanity but it’s not. Children who can confidently read are better able to access information across all subjects. Think about it, every subject your child will learn, whether at home or in school will have a book full of words that they will need to understand to be able to do the work independently. The earlier your child can read independently; the easier learning overall will be for them.

This is why so many well-meaning Moms are spending hours on Pinterest, in Facebook groups, and on Google looking for reading activities and worksheets to get their child reading. You completely understand what’s at stake here. The problem is the resources you’re finding are missing the key ingredient – the process.

Getting bits and pieces from different places may keep your child engaged for a bit…


Is this hodge podge approach really going to get you the results you want?

Chances are…no.

And certainly not without stress and confusion.

If you’re like most Moms you’re also trying to avoid the stress, embarrassment and frustration that comes with parent-teacher conferences where you learn your child is falling behind.

And there’s the cost of to paying thousands of dollars for tutoring to make sure your child learns skills they should have learned years before.

All of this can be avoided by using the right reading program that understands what most don’t…

That learning to read is a specific process with key steps that frankly even many teachers don’t fully understand. (Shocking but true!)

So, what you need is a well-researched system that hits the right skills, in the right order, with enough fun to get your child reading independently and loving it along the way.

What Future Do You Desire?

Imagine having the confidence that you can teach your child to read. You are no longer stressed at the thought that your child could fall behind in reading or face reading difficulties that could snowball into other areas of learning because you know what to look out for. You look forward to planning delightful quality time with your child while teaching important reading skills. More than anything you love watching the light in your child’s eyes when they read and understand independently. You honestly feel like the world’s best mom! And you are because you have stepped into your role as your child’s first and most important teacher.

Getting you to this fun, confident and easy future is

why the I Can Read Membership was designed.

The Simple Reading

Framework You Need

This system plugs the holes that currently exist in so many reading programs using a framework of proven reading skills. For your child to be able to read, at any level, they need to master this simple framework.


In the I Can Read system your child will master a specific set of speaking &

listening skills called

phonemic awareness.

These skills will allow your child to say:

  • I Can Identify Sounds
  • I Can Add Sounds
  • I Can Substitute Sounds

These skills are amazing because you can wrap them up in simple and fun nursery rhymes, songs and poems that you remember from your childhood.

Remember playing Miss Mary Mack? You were practicing phonemic awareness.

Songs like Down By The Bay get you and your child giggling but secretly have them learning these skills.

So if you can just sing a bunch of songs what makes I Can Read different?

The key is this system is intentionally designed to teach all the skills in their correct order! When you miss out on this step or try to teach them in the wrong order, you’ll most likely have fights when it comes to reading and see your child become frustrated learning to read…that’s the last thing you want.


In this part of the framework, your child will master letters and their associated sounds.

Here children will master the ability to:

  • Isolate letters & their sounds
  • Blend letter sounds to read words (real and silly)
  • Match words to their meaning

This is where you’ll start to see your little budding reader. When your child can blend letter sounds together to read simple words the smile they have will be from ear to ear. The pride they will feel will probably only be unmatched by the joy and excitement you’ll be feeling as well.


Being able to sound out words is one thing but truly reading requires a few more skills.

In this final part of the framework your child will:

  • Memorize ‘heart words’
  • Read complete sentences
  • Explain what they have read

At this point, gone are the days of you being the only one to read bedtime stories. You will probably be read to more and more because as your child masters these skills they will be more confident…and confident readers love to show off their skills! So get ready to relax and enjoy your stories.

So how will your 3-5 year old child

get this amazing reading result

without you going crazy?

When you join the I Can Read Membership, you’ll get access to a reading system that includes lessons and resources to effectively teach those lessons as well as the support you need so you never feel stuck.

This means you get...

Get Started Reading Guide & No Prep Activities Mats:

The often missed set of skills in teaching reading is found in these lessons. The simple to follow play-based lessons that teach sight words as well as phonemic awareness skills that make reading faster and easier for your child

Phonics Mastery Reading System & No Prep Activity Mats:

When your child masters phonics skills, they are well on their way to being able to read new words independently. These phonics skills focused play-based lessons follow the SATPIN letter order to get your child reading quickly.

Just Right Stories:

Bringing all the reading skills together is important. The 15 reading passages included in this program are linked directly to the skills your child has learned as well as reading comprehension. questions to demonstrate their understanding of what they have read.

No Worry Audio Flashcards: It’s not often that you sit and think about the sounds of each letter and with these digital alphabet flashcards you don’t need to. This set shows and tells your child the correct letter sounds so you can teach your child phonics even if you’re unsure of letter sounds.

Monthly Reading Instruction Forum:

Making sure you never feel stuck or alone in this process is important. To support you in this process you’ll have access to monthly group coaching.

Email Hotline: Sometimes you can’t wait for the group call, in these cases you can send an email to get your question answered or just get the reassurance that you’re on the right track.

But there’s more!

You’ll also have instant access to these bonuses

that make teaching reading even easier!

Fun-filled Reading Games:

The last thing you want to do is go looking for additional reading resources, so this resource pack includes a list of book recommendations, fun games and activities to make teaching reading fun and remove the need to search for activities.

On Demand Course:

To jumpstart your understanding of reading instruction, you’ll have access to a library of short videos to explain reading skills as well as how to approach play with your child during reading instruction.

Time Saving Printable Pack:

Some sight words need to be memorized but that does not mean boring worksheets. This pack of sight word games supports your child in learning sight words while having fun.

Thrilled or Your Money Back Guarantee!

If I Can Read doesn't show you exactly what skills your child needs to know... if it doesn't pave the way for your child to read independenlty... and if it fails to help you teach your child how to read at home without being frustrated ... then I don't want your money. You'll get it all back - no questions asked - no hard feelings!

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"This was honestly a great program. One of the best programs I have used for reading and this has been my son's favorite reading program. It is so fun and interactive and I love that you have videos that teach the teacher how to teach reading. That is the biggest pro because it helped me to feel prepared for teaching. The other biggest pro is that it was fun! We have used other reading programs before that my son dreaded but he looked forward to doing this. I don’t have any cons."

~ Daisy,

Homeschool Mom

3 year old Harmony after

6 days using I Can Read


What age group will this work for?

I Can Read is designed to help children ages 3-5 who are learning to read. You can also use this system with children who are older but reading at a pre-k or kindergarten level.

I’m very busy, will I have enough time to do these lessons?

Each lesson is designed to take no more than 15 minutes to complete. You will need to do minimal prep ahead of time for some lessons.

I’m not sure if I can afford this system.

This reading system saves you more than it costs. Often children end up in tutoring that costs thousands of dollars because they lack foundational reading skills. Can you afford the stress that comes with a child who is a struggling reader in the future?

Can’t I just find these activities and lessons on Pinterest for free?

Activities and random lessons don’t teach reading. An effective sequence of lessons that have the right skills teach reading. While you can find so many things on Pinterest, you’ll not find another program just like the I Can Read course that gives you not only the reading resources but also the exclusive support you need.

How can I trust the coaching I’ll receive is right?

Your coach is an international early childhood education expert. Throughout my over 18 years of early childhood education experience as a teacher, teacher leader as well Head of the Curriculum Planning & Development Unit for Early Childhood Education for the UAE Ministry of Education. You are benefitting from not only many years of experience but also international best practice.

I'm not sure how much support I need.

To truly remove stress, get the most support you can right from the start. This will give you the confidence to start off right and move faster than struggling to fully understand or build up your confidence.

How many days per week do I need to teach?

You'll get done for you reading lessons for 5 days of teaching per week.

~ Isabel, Homeschool Mom

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