Get children learning the important phonics skills they need to know with Letter Sound Search Activity Cards.

Use these teacher designed reading activity cards to be sure children learn the correct letter sounds right from the beginning.


What You Get

26 Letter Sound Cards

Gives you an accurate teaching resource so children learn the correct sounds from the start.

Familiar Images

You don't have to explain what a picture is so teaching becomes seamless.

Large Cards

Task cards are 4"x6" with pictures large enough for both children and you to see so they can handle the card while you support.

Answer Key

Shows you the correct answer for each card so you can remove the guesswork from teaching.


What makes this resouce different from what I already have?

These activity cards are designed to help children hear differences in sounds and match them to the correct letters. A big difference you will find is that the letter Xx focuses on the end sound because that is the sound children need to learn. Many resources you have will have Xx for xylephone or x-ray which is not the sound children need to master to be able to read.

What age group is this for?

These activity cards can be used with children as young as 2.5. To do so focus on the sounds children hear not the letter associated. For children who are ready to focus on letter sounds you can follow the directions as provided.

How can I trust you are providing reliable early childhood resources?

Though you may not know me, I have over 18 years in early childhood education around the world. You can always find me online. Click any of the icons below to learn more about what I do and have to offer.

I'm not sure I have it in the budget for this resource.

These activity cards are $24.99. That's less than one meal delivered to your doorstep that will be gone in minutes but these activity cards will teach child valuable reading skills that will last a lifetime.

Does this include the round chips in the picture?

You get the full deck of Letter Sound Search Task Cards. Your can use anything to cover the pictures - buttons, rounch chips, dots etc. The round chips are for illustration only and do not come with the order.

I'm not ready to focus on reading skills.

Focusing on the whole development of children is very important. This incluseds their language development. These activity cards help you support their oral language development and when you are ready, their reading skills. It all matters how you choose to use them. Allowing children to play while learning is the core of what I do and these activity cards allow you to do that with ease.

How long does shipping take?

As we are a small business our shipping times are currently 7-14 business days to accomodate the volume.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently only ship within the US. We look forward to serving our international customers in the future.

ORDER YOUR Task Cards JUST $24.99

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