Teach the alphabet with fun, engaging and inexpensive letter sounds activities. Also improve your kid's fine motor skills and letter recall.

Your child will enjoy reading and learning letters of the alphabet when you get them books from this collection of kid-approved books.

Successfully teaching a child how to read is one of the most satisfactory tasks a teacher or parent can have. Read this guide to know how.

Getting your child to read can fun and easier than you think with the I Can Read program!

The I Can Read program helps your child master the exact reading skills they need to become independent readers. It also gives you the confidence to teach your child at home with simple to follow lessons and videos!


~ Isabel, Stay At Home Mom & Homeschooling Mom

"This was honestly a great program. One of the best programs I have used for reading and this has been my son's favorite reading program. It is so fun and interactive and I love that you have videos that teach the teacher how to teach reading. That is the biggest pro because it helped me to feel prepared for teaching. The other biggest pro is that it was fun! We have used other reading programs before that my son dreaded but he looked forward to doing this. I don’t have any cons." ~ Daisy, Stay At Home Mom

Reading Secrets

Learn the secret to getting your child reading fast!

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