About Korbalagae Kuawogai

I help parents who want to give their child the best start possible in life.

If you really want to teach your child how to read at home, to use a simple reading plan and to understand the key early reading skills then I can definitely help you.

After teaching preschool and kindergarten in three different countries over 11 years, serving hundreds of children and their families, designing curriculum for schools and countries and being an advisor to nonprofits in developing countries, I found the key academic skill that helps children across life is reading.

Children who have strong reading skills have an easier time in school and life so I decided to help parents make this the reality for their children.

I created resources and programs designed with parents in mind backed by my curriculum design expertise as an 18 year early childhood education veteran. One program, I Can Read, gives parents step-by-step guidance to move their child from speaking and listening skills to reading independently using phonics skills. This program includes practical resources like digital flashcards that say the correct letter sounds so parents who may not know the letters sounds can still feel confident teaching their child at home.

Why is this so important to me?

I have always believed that parents are children’s first and most important teachers. So as part of their team I feel it’s my job to share the knowledge I have that would allow them to give their child the best possible start.

Now I probably sound super confident but getting to this point has been a journey. Though serving families through this company has been a dream come true, I had to get over the fear that "I'm just a teacher" so I can't start a business. I also had to embrace learning to work around having endometriosis, a painful condition I have battled for over 20 years. These two false beliefs stopped me from moving forward for a long time but ultimately my desire to serve children and empower parents pushed me to action. And I am forever grateful to my family, friends and coaches who never let me give up on myself nor my dream.

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